Welcome to the new FyfeWeb Blog!

My name is Rhys, im one of the FyfeWeb staff members. I run/manage the FyfeWeb Bot within our discord server, I also lead our community staff team making sure they’re all inline and providing a happy atmosphere for our clients/visitors. I also do a tiny bit of coding for the website(s).

About Me
Well, where do I start?? I’m 17 years old, I do discord.js, html, css, php, java, javascript, c++, c#, vbs and vb coding (Too much knowledge?? Maybe…), professional LD (Lighting Designer), drone pilot and a huge music lover. I know im not perfect nor patient but at least I get the job done to a high standard.

Thank you!
Hope you enjoy the FyfeWeb Blog and find many uses for it

How do I put in a suggestion/bug report for the bot?
– Just drop me (Rhys) a message on discord, make sure to ping me.

What Made Me Like FyfeWeb?
– The free Plesk hosting is what made me fall in love, mainly because I could use any domain I want, and I got no ads. Then, it was the super cheap software hosting, that made my discord bot 24/7 which gained quite a lot attention.

Why did the free package go to 50p?
– Changing the price from free to 50p reduces the risk of people abusing our services and causing possible illegal harm to others (Phishing, scamming, etc).

What will the blog be used for?
– News, updates, huge announcements and so much more!

Can I become part of the staff?
– Ask Jaden. As leader of the community staff, I have no say due to the risk of information leakage.