FyfeWeb Fibre Install

Whats’s this all about?

I’m Jaden, Chief Executive of FyfeWeb. I also handle all of our infrastructure, and the technical side of things here. Let me introduce our latest advancement – FyfeWeb Fibre! Our new fibre internet connection, which has been on order since November 2018, is starting to be processed. We’re glad to report that works to remove blockages along the route of the fibre have finally been completed – one of the largest bottlenecks we faced in getting the new connection. Since this has now been completed, all that needs to be done now, is the fibre installation itself. This will involve networking specialists laying the fibre cables from the main internet exchange in Newcastle Upon Tyne directly to our state-of-the-art Data Centre.

Why are we doing this?

We’re getting a new connection installed simply to improve our services – and handle more traffic. FyfeWeb has grown at an unprecedented rate since I founded the company in September 2014. Much to my surprise, we found ourselves with over 300 users and 30 servers very quickly. I wanted an internet connection that would be able to handle tens of thousands of requests per second from users. With the old connection, we can only handle a thousand requests per second from customers. So, the overall answer to this question is one thing: to provide a better experience to our valued customers.

What will this enable me (the customer) to do with FyfeWeb?

This new connection will simply allow you to do more at once, and have more services with us. We’re releasing two new services, and are making a few minor changes after the connection is installed – so keep your eyes peeled for emails and further blog posts!

Jaden Fyfe – Chief Executive

Removal of blockage complete (what a mess they leave!)

Existing Fibre Exchange

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