Meet the executives…

Jaden Fyfe and Connor McDonald

At FyfeWeb, we have two executive staff members who work around the clock keeping the infrastructure operational, provisioning support to clientele and they cohesively work together on planning and implementing new services and solutions to a broad spectrum of consumers. Our Executive Team consists of ‘Jaden Fyfe – Founder & Chief Executive’ and ‘Connor McDonald – Director of Hosting Services’.

Jaden’s role is to manage everything that goes on at FyfeWeb including Infrastructure Management, Marketing, Human Resources, Networking and so much more. Jaden also implements new services and new service types across the entire company network which is completed at an exceptional standard. He also takes security and reliability of all FyfeWeb services very seriously – and all services must be fully operational before being released. To ensure functionality, they must also undergo significant beta testing before being accessible by clients.

Connor’s Role is Director of Hosting Services, he manages and oversees all aspects of the Hosting Services. He also manages, plans and oversees projects that go on at FyfeWeb. He also ensures that any projects that goes on at FyfeWeb are finished and maintained at an exceptional standard for our users and that these projects are finished either on-time or ahead of schedule.

Since the foundation of FyfeWeb in 2014 by Jaden, the company has expanded at an unprecedented rate. We hope that this rate of expansion will continue – hence why we have heavily invested into a Dedicated Leased Line for FyfeWeb and a large number of new server infrastructure for the company.

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