Major Investment into cPanel Web Hosting

Major Investment into cPanel Web Hosting

As a business, we're always out to improve our infrastructure - and over the last few weeks, we've been "bring it back to the web" so to speak. This month, we’ve invested over £5k in our new shared web hosting infrastructure, with 10Gbps uplinks to our core network, hosts with 10x SSDs in RAID10, and new dedicated racks, specifically for web hosting services. We’re truly committed to our clients, always re-investing and improving our services and infrastructure.

The new servers feature 48 CPU cores, at least 256GB high-performance DDR4 memory, in order to handle in excess of 20,000 concurrent requests per second per node. Obviously, this will vary on the types of websites hosted on each server, which is why we monitor every machine closely - and never oversell, as this is shared hosting after all. When designing the platform, we wanted to make shared hosting feel like dedicated hosting. It's no secret that we've been able to achieve this in the past with the use of the CloudLinux Operating System and LVE, essentially separating each cPanel account into its own "container" (like a Virtual Machine or Docker in a certain sense) - but we wanted to go further, so we've upgraded the limits on each account to offer 2x the performance compared to before.

Whatsmore, we wanted to design the new platform to be more appetising to our already successful reseller hosting service. So, we invested in a new domain "" in order to provide this functionality. In due course, we will be revealing our new web hosting plans (for both standard consumers and resellers) so keep your eyes peeled on the FyfeWeb Portal.

Further to this, we've upgraded to new versions of CloudLinux, MySQL/MariaDB, and JetBackup - to further increase performance across the platform. We've already noticed major improvements in page responsiveness since improving the web hosting infrastructure - and Plesk fans - do not worry. Major upgrades are coming to that hosting platform too! At the end of the day, since founding the business, my goal has always been to improve services for every single person who may utilise them, from the administrator to the end-user website visitor.

We're already in September now, and what's been a difficult year for many around the world, we're always here to help with anything hosting-related - so please do get in touch if you require our assistance.

Kind regards,
Jaden Fyfe
Managing Director